Not Janet

We made sure our scientists would not create another pair of blueish twins in the mislead thought these could be a suitable replacement for Janet, our former accountant. However, that did not stop the dutiful genetic engineers to continue their quest. Nevertheless, we still have only failure to show for our effort, not even sure… Weiterlesen Not Janet


To replace Janet, our former accountant, one of the scientists down in the Orphitecktion Labs, had the wonderful idea to create twins, instead of a single accountant. Something in the gene smelter went wrong however. They were not what we had in mind when we envisioned a pretty and efficent accountant. We put them down… Weiterlesen Twins

Janet 2.1

„Work on our accountant continues, Janet 2.0 has advanced into mark 2.1 stage. Currently Orphitecktion Labs is working hard to implement artificial intelligence into Janet’s clone. We already had promising visits from the interior minister of an undisclosed european country, who showed interest in the methods applied to subdue Janet’s free will, and effectively turn… Weiterlesen Janet 2.1