The Shaven Cat meets Mr. Toad

After the Shaven Cat had carefully observed the Tiny Salamander during his sunbath, and decided that salamanders were strange creatures, she strolled on to find more amphibians.
When she saw Mr. Toad, the Shaven Cat just could not resist but had to taste his deliciously wart covered skin.
She had a lick, then two, then some more, after which, and without further thought about ambhibians, she gracefully floated towards her favorite catnip bush to spend the evening there, philosophicly contemplating on the strange animals in her kingdom.
Meanwhile, Mr.Toad hopped into a nearby pond.

To recreate this important scene we asked Janet from accounting to make her cat lick a toad, to our surprise and filling our hearts with sorrow though we have to report that the cat ate all 27 toads we offered her without prior licking.
So we had Janet lick the last toad we had, for some reason she ate it too after licking the skin. Her cat was dead the next day but Janet still keeps giggling to this day and mumbles much about unicorns, we, really real scientists at Orphitecktion Labs, renown for our integrity, assume the loss of her shaven cat did not affect her in a negative way and we keep continuing our important work to save mankind, and you dear reader.




toads have a hard life, everyone thinks we are princes, yet we are NO damn frogs… we are toads… and toads are not princes… more like the overlord of the galaxy!!! and we deserve to get worshipped properly, yes human serve, lick my back, lick it well and maybe i will allow your humble existance to continue!
yours truly
Mr. Toad




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