Janet The Jellyphant

Deep down in the deepest Deep Sea, lives a creature so large, sorry, tiny, so tiny you would not believe it. It resembles the common elephant we know from our surface world, however the immense pressure of the Deep Sea has shrunk it into a little creature with immense powers, similiar to a diamond, but think of elephants. The trunk and stumpy legs of it’s land dwelling relative were replaced by useful and elegant tentacles, adapted to its environment, specialized to kill young spermwhales and giant crabs. It might look cute, but dont be fooled, the Jellyphant is one of the most posionous animals on Helios-9F.

Janet however has ben domesticated, named after the first human to set foot on Helios-9F, Janet the janitor, and has been so kind as to pose for this photo so we may share, with you dear reader, the wonders of this foreign world.


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