Myth and Misbelief

According to a common misconception unicorns are understood to be fluffy, horselike creatures with a noble spirit. Orphitecktion Field Operatives however discovered that this assumption is far from the truth. Risking their own wellbeing they stood bravely, in neckdeep swamp water which, black as pitch and with a scent of decay, creeped into their allegedly watertight latex throusers. Silently they waited and eventually, during a full moon a few weeks later, they had slowly adapted to life in swamp water, it emerged. The unicorn appeared to steal innocent children from the nearby village of Grimlinghausen, where once the fair maiden Grimhilde, from sagas of old, was born. We decided to not interfere with the natural rituals of the rainland and let the unicorn proceed to creep towards the village. We were also concerned to inflict it’s wrath upon us. Safety first!


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