In The Evening, Elsewhere In The Jungle

It had been a long, hard day for the elephant, all day did he pick fruits, ate them, dug up a few minerals for his digestion, trampled out some bushfires those hairless apes started and did his routine tour of the pathways crossing the jungle.

His family had prepared those over generations and he was proud to be a path keeper. Dutifully did he pick weeds and trample down any encroaching vegetation.

Half way through his daily patrol however, he was forced to abandon his work. A party of those annoying hairless apes was in the bush, he could smell them.

As soon as they saw him they started to scream and make weird little fires with their tiny sticks that made a loud noise which the elephant did not like. He had large ears so he could hear just too well and the noise hurt him.

He ran for safety, along the pathways that he cherished, terrified by the pain in his ears. The elephant did not know that the hairless apes wanted to kill and eat him.

Not like a lion would kill and eat it’s prey due to hunger, but because they had really small penises and thought to make them grow by eating the elephant, who was really well endowed.

Did the elephant know he could have told them that it does not work that way, that small ape penises are small for a reason, humility, which the hairless apes did not have. The elephant had humility, hence nature allowed him a massive boner of which the elephant ladies were very fond of.

But even if the elephant knew what was up, he could not have told them since he did not speak their tongue. From afar had they come to his realm to gain manliness. To impress the hairless ape ladies back at home.

„Foolish apes…“the bear thought to himself, as he watched the elephant run for safety and return back home to the jungle when the sun was just about to set.


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