Streetball in Nasaga

Looking, searching for a cute ring to fuck with your basketball. Holes in the ground destroying the ball, tree branches scratching your head, structures that simply collapse, rings so low even midgets can dunk them and rules that prohibit players above the age of fourteen to just play.

Orphitecktion and its friends walked miles for charity to gather funds for baskets here and there, the town now filled with them, most buildt by imbeciles who didnt look at the needs of a playground.

Fancy looking courts that serve no purpose but to be there, to have been buildt, to have funneled public funds into the pockets of nepotism.

Young kids not sure how to throw and nobody there to teach them. Old schoolers not able to play.

But still you do find spots that serve their purpose here and there.

Sometimes you have a good time even.

And sometimes people start to fly like birds.

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