During your journey through the Novesian fairy tale landscape, you might see a graffiti here and there that says „Polizeistaat“, at first you might marvel what it means, what it stands for, wether it is just a clever tag.

Translated it simply means „police state“, according to Thomas Jefferson that would be a nation in which only the authority has the right to bear arms.

But if you keep looking around you might understand that this graffiti is not a clever tag, not a hidden message, it simply states the truth. As the second photograph shows, police is indeed a problem, and be it a traffic nuisance.

Nobody knows who put the graffiti all over the town, but the why becomes obvious.

It seems to be a common cry out, a syndrome one might say, after realizing that the authority you recognized was just an illusion, that now, you lost this illusion.eddsc03213eddsc03090


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