You and Your Ruler

A ruler, It shows you the distance between two points, you can hit your classmates with it and throw it at teachers, no wait, wrong article, your rulers, sometimes referred to as government, or dickweed waiting to get plucked, what is their purpose, what their goals, the humble citizen of this world often does not know, the humble citizen tries to survive in its environment, the not so humble ruler rules, as the name suggests, somehow, someway, for some one, not necessarily for citizens such as yourself, often for themselves, they can be tyrants, well usually they are tyrants, or assholes, sometimes good hearted people, soon to be turned, but do we really still need asshats to rule over us like we were cattle? the sad truth is that many of us dont want to think for themselves, so they believe in god, or the government, they believe, they dont know, they are cattle who needs a ruler, one can only hope this will change someday and the corrupt, ancient regimes that rule over our lifes will soon be a thing of the past.



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