Nasaga, Advertisement Companies and Filth

The competition is tough, you are too expensive, too unfriendly and offer products nobody wants, how do you change the spirit of the times in your favor?

You get an advertisement agency to fix all your problems.

In the great city of Nasaga, in the fairytale lands of Germania, the company called Franz Knuffmann did just that, the results speak for themselves one might say.

They got a terrible agency to advertise their shops, the streets of the town ended up littered with empty cans. Apparently some young girls, full of themselves and having the greatest ideas of all, decided it would be fine to distribute trash amongst the startled pedestrians in the town centre, albeit trash with the Franz Knuffmann Logo on it, however they did maybe not think it trough properly, since it seems most of the people who got a can shoved into their hands just dropped them where they stood.

Analyzing these events one can only come to a few conclusions,

the first being that Franz Knuffmann is clueless, doesn’t care about the environment or prettiness of the town they operate in, doesn’t care about customers;

the second being that the advertisement agency hired by Franz Knuffmann were a bunch of fuckwits without foresight or ideas, without any respect whatsoever for other people and should never be hired again;

the third being that the inhabitants of Nasaga are filth loving, however in their defense we must say they tried to stuff some of these cans into the designated waste bins and not all were just thrown around, however these trash cans were loaded to the brim already since the last mayor of our town, Herbert Napp, completely destroyed the utility services, their managers awaiting trial now, most council workers fired, one wonders how the few remains of the Grünflächenamt and others cope with the workload, they do not obviously.

As a conclusion Orphitecktion Labs proposes sanctions against Franz Knuffmann and their Ad Agency and the hiring or rather re-hiring of more personnel for the council services. Maybe also a campaign to teach all those filth loving people who don’t bother and just throw trash around not to do it anymore, if necessary by using council rights and handing out fines, not just tiny joke fines, but proper fines Singapore Style.


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