2015 Best Soap In the World Award

We at Orphitecktion Labs have decided, winner of this years Best Soap in The World Award goes to Erikandath Herbals and their Sandal Soap, congratulations.

Our testers at Orphitecktion Labs were especially amazed at how smooth and soft the soap bar feels and slides over your skin, it’s sandal scent is also very pleasing to the nose.

The only downside we could find was that the soap bar had been quickly used up compared to other challengers for the award like Pears, but that is due to Erikandath’s Sandal not containing any Glycerin and probably because our testing personell was scrubbing away all day long and didnt even stop after they were shiny clean, the smile on their lips as they rubbed the foamy bar over their bossoms made it clear, they were amazed.edDSC01061


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