Are you rich enough to live? Or is your government, and does it want you to live?

Welcome to the new world, where you can patent broccoli and cucumbers, obviously medicine aswell, it does not matter whether a drug was available since ages, or even simply grows by itself, you can patent anything now it seems, me myself, i am in the process of getting a patent on people being in a sitting position with an angle of 75° between thigh bones and spine, no, just kidding, i actually try to patent all angles.

Lately a boy from the infamous Some United States of America (SUSA) patented Daraprim for his company Turing Pharmaceuticals, his name is Martin Shkreli, a drug that HIV patients need routinely, a drug that has been around for 5 decades, longer than M. Shkreli is old, a drug that costs about 1$ to produce and so far was available for roughly 17$, well, not anymore, M. Shkreli raised the price to fancy 750$.

However it is a drug that is usually being paid for by the state, and oh wonder, the politicians are moaning already, twitching in their comfy 3000 dollar chairs, afraid of having to spend half a million dollars every year for every patient.

How about a change to patent rights? Only giving you the right to patent things you actually invented? only things that do not occur naturally or have been in use for ages? only things that are not necessary for people to not die?

The patent business is a farce, it does not protect inventors, it gives power to people who want their inventions and have the funds to buy patents, these people do not want to use the product they patent, they want to make money from it, and the amounts they earn do not reflect the effort they put into it.

I remember a time when the german BGB, bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, the civil law, prohibited „Wucher“, the gouging of prices to rip off customers and make a fortune in the process, it probably is still there even, but well, i have yet to see one law suit based on that.

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