Fuck Peace, or something about toe clippings.

Peace is just a void of aggression, nobody knows whether zombie hordes might eventually fill that void. According to game theory it is only wise to prepare and act accordingly to such a possible outcome. We simply have to assume that the zombie hordes will declare war on us. Realizing this grave threat the great leader of the east, Abe, not to be confused with the one eyed monkey from the video game with the same name, boldly stepped up for his nation of goody two shoes, peacelovers and tree-huggers and took matters in his own capable hands, changing their barbaric constitution of peace and non aggression, finally allowing them to do the logical preemptive strikes and to deploy samurai abroad to protect their homeland and that of their allies, McDonald and Apple, and probably to invade Sydney harbour, unknowing Sydney already prepared and sold it to poor jews. Ze Germans are said to already hope for a return of Papua New Guinea now which Australia annexed just before joining the First World War. Unknowing that Australia prepared for that aswell and taught everybody in PNG drunken style fist fighting. The world watches in excitement as events unfold.

Orphitecktion Labs used a generic japanese to translate the text for us, but we are unable to verify whether we were tricked and it was actually a nigerian in disguise, so please forgive us in case the depiction below shows Shinto Abe screaming for peaceful toe clippings. Orphitecktion Labs is sadly unable to spend more time on this, we are busy saving your world humans.




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