Flowers and Batons

Susie had lost sight of her parents in the crowd, alone and scared she picked a large flower that stood by the street.

She wondered what Marry Poppins would do and asked an officer of the law who looked mature and responsible to help her find the way back to her parents, maybe even make an announcement over the speakers, or a megaphone, like in the supermarket for the little, fat boy the other day.

But the officer was in his own world and did not pay attention to the child next to him, he was busy caving in the skull of some random fool in and his mind was in his very own world. He felt like a spartan warrior defending against the persian conquest, for him it did not matter that the pregnant woman screaming under the thrashing blows of his baton was no brutal warrior offering glorious battle, for him it was sheer fun seeing splinters of her skull fly amongst blood and skin scraps.

Little Susie stared, eyes wide open, silent, shocked. She had never seen anything like that before, the blood, the brutality, the violence, and to her horror, the bloody mess beneath the Officer was her mother.




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