The Judgemental Bear

The Bear had always been a friendly fellow, never complaining, always living on the relaxed and happy side of life. But one day, while he was going for an evening shit, he came close the fringes of his forest. Sitting there, relaxing on top one of the blueberry bushes he so cherished and had decided long ago to fertilize properly so he could eat more blueberries, the bear saw them, tiny, hairless, whizzing around, screaming, making noise and all in all appearing to be as annoying as those tiny squirrels, just more noisy. The Bear dropped another load, kept watching those strange creatures, but after looking on for half an hour, he simply could not resist, for the first time in his life the bear thought up a judgement, never had he judged his peers in the forest, as weird and nasty some inhabitants were everything they did made sense, in some way, looking out of his forest however all he could think was „stupid“.



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