Ultra Babe’s Pink Day

After watching a 70ties blacksploitation movie about Mr. Black „The Rhino“ Mamba, a true detective in a crime ridden city and his loyal sidekick a fabulous, californian pimp, Ultrababe fell into fit of fabulousity herself and decided to go pink for the day too, dying her hair, nails, nipples and all.

Content with her new looks she saw that her favorite dinosaur and best buddy looked a little sad and so she dyed the hat she had once given it pink too. Immediately the beast looked joyful and spirited, and because she was a harmony loving person she continued to dye the row of spiky horns, that were so nicely prickly when riding the dinosaur. They covered it’s tender back and slender tail, even it’s handsome nose, and one horn had become useful when Ultra Babe attached the, now pink, hat to it. Ultrababe decided not to dye it as nobody would see the horn under her dino’s hat, and because she was lazy.

After she had even painted her magic weapon, Lovestick, it was time to ride, and together they rode, out into the sunset, the wild prairie winds blowing in her dyed hair, a many adventures lay ahead.




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