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One day Ultrababe was out for a ride when she came by a small group of peasants gathered around the edge of a cliff. Curious as Ultrababe was she went to investigate. When asked what they were doing the villagers told Ultrababe that they were curious whether the sign was true and decided to see who was brave enough to jump, two had already tried and failed, but the villagers were determined to find out if there was any possibility of the sign not being true. Ultrababe gave each of them a proper Ultrakick and sent them flying off the edge, to help them in their quest, and to help the realm by removing the lesser gifted, a good deed she thought. Little did she know one of those at the cliff edge that day was actually Steven Hawkings who in our dimension is still alive and does really nice things with physics and wheelchairs, he lovingly drools on them for example, its such a pleaser to watch.




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