The Furious Lioness

Looking back she had been a furious being, hysterical and mean, mostly enjoying the screams coming from the dungeons while she stood on her throneroom’s balcony and listened. That all had changed when she met Jim Jackson, a werelion, he had come to her kingdom just rescently and his flamboyant foreign style got her attention right away. One night while they were conversing on god and the world the Queen fell into a fit of hysteria again, demanding the torture of some unfortunate prisoner in her dungeons but the werelion had a better idea and together they reatreated to her chambers. When they emerged again, the Queen’s hair was messy, Jim Jachson was known as Bigtoe and the Queen miraculously cured of her ailments. All was good in the kingdom and the queen’s reign became a peaceful one, until, that is, somebody ate Bigtoe’s yoghurt.

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