Cuff And Whip

Cuff And Whip, uncuff and offer a hot beverage, cuff again and whip some more, those were the good days he thought, those were times in which you got things done, but since the north won the war all had gone down the drain, slaves were freed and married their masters, some even opened their own businesses believing in the new ideal of free capitalism.

What they all overlooked was the simple fact that slaves were good for the nation, for everyone, even themselves, he just knew. Now they were free and he did not know what that meant for the future, his estates in ruins, his family dead and he was just knotting a rope to end his miserable existance and join his confederate companions in the afterlife when the door burst open and a tiny man with tiny glasses and a tiny manbag came in.

They sat down and opened a bottle of the best brandy the northerners did not steal on their crusade. The tiny man, taking a sip from his glass, coughing slightly, started to explain,

how the new government would need him, his skills, his estates, he was offered a chance, and for the first time understood the former enemy, he did not while shooting them dead on the battlefield or during ambushes, he did however now, drinking brandy with this tiny man who explained the whole sheme to him.

The slaves might be free now from physical chains and shackles, but they were all but free, they were only needed to feel free now, nothing would change, they would barely get enough food to survive and do even harder work, without any annoying slave inspectors checking their health, if they died, it was now their own fault, and if they had to do so to feed their children. Slavery continued and the new sheme allowed more indiscriminate, legal enslavement of anybody not just imports. All was good in his mind when they emptied that bottle and went to bed that night.

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