The Princess and the Kraken

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It came during the night, everybody was in their bedchambers, as was the princess, her it had chosen for tonight’s conquest, her it had chosen to ensnare and subdue with its eight, agile arms. Eight, long and tender arms, dotted with suckers along the underside, unforgiving yet teasing, rough yet gentle. Arms it had used before, knew how to use, or even abuse sometimes. It was a devious thing the townsfolk said, but the Kraken was not devious, it was deliberate, meticulous, planning, even sinister when it did not like somebody, but it was never devious, it did not hide it’s intentions, it showed them in bright colours, it’s eyes giving away those desires. The Kraken had made it clear the day it arrived in town, it was here to stay, and it told the princess right then that he intended to come to her, at night, when the moon would be at it’s fullest, when every one else was asleep, and it would not leave until they had the conversation for which the Kraken so hoped for since first setting out off his home reef to explore the world. Still a young Kraken with inexperienced tentacles, it had already wondered why the princess and her people would throw so much plastic trash into the sea they enjoyed just as the krakens did. Tonight, finally, after all those years, tonight it was the time the princess would answer those question the Kraken had. And then the Kraken would finally be free to return to the reef he came from and marry Sue Ann, its childhood girlfriend kraken. And they would have many little kraken babies and be happy ever there after. But while the kraken was already smiling about its cunning the royal guards burst in and brought down their axes unto the Kraken they so despised for asking the wrong questions, at night, to the princess, with its filthy seaborn tentacle arms flipping the pages in his tiny kraken notebook trying it’s best to look professional while interviewing the princess.

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