EXCLUSIVE!!! Rex Ironballs and Ivan Vladimirovich interviewed by Orphitecktion


–Rex Ironballs and Ivan Vladimirovich do not condone the use of drugs,

their opinion is that peasants should only be drugged as a last resort and rather get properly brainwashed–

–no cats were harmed in the interview–

OT: What are your goals, what is your aspiration in life guys?



OT: Wow, thats something, when did you first realize that this is what you wanted to do?

IV: Well, it all started a long time ago, say, do you know Bravestar? He sucks!

RI: fucking Bravestar is fucking uncool dude, but for me the revelation came when this bitch i banged told me id be god, well i think she was spot on fucking right.

IV: She was as fucking fat as a fucking whale mate.

RI throws his rum bottle at IV who dodges it

OT: whohh relax guys, relax, may i ask another question?

RI: what kinda fucking reporter are you? the fucking moron kind? dont fucking ask wether you may please fucking ask just fucking ask for fucks sake!

OT: Do you guys like cats?

IV: Fuck yaaa man! cats are cool! animals are cool! i love animals, i love cuddling them!

RI: Oh shut the fuck up ey, i thought it was decided we will prohibit fucking pets and all those fucking furry animals will all be turned into bacon when we take over!!!

IV: decided? you say that! i love cats you asshole cruel hearted bastard!



a fistfight broke out, the Orphitecktion production team was able to escape unharmed during the ensuing chaos



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